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How to join the Core Apes Club?

  1. Download XUMM (XRPL wallet)

  2. iOS: here Android:

  3. Follow the steps in the app and activate the wallet with 10 XRP + 2 XRP reserve (recommended is at least 20 XRP)

  4. Go here and find the Core Ape that you want.

  5. Fund your wallet with the required XRP and buy or place an offer on the one that you want!

What is XUMM?
A XUMM wallet is the most commonly used wallet interface for the XRPL. It is a mobile app that can be downloaded by clicking on one of the download links above.

What is Drip Labs?
This is the name of our Coreum Community Validator. As the official PFP project of Coreum we believed it was important to contribute to the network's functionality, security, and decentralisation, to ensure that it operates smoothly and securely.

How much Coreum is in the CAC validator?

How do I receive my monthly Coreum Drip?
Drip is distributed to holders on the 5th of every month. To receive it you simply have to be holding an NFT and have the Coreum trust-line set up.

What is the CAC promise?
The CAC promise is the latest development in the Core Apes project & is quite literally setting a whole new standard on the XRPL. Simply this is clarification that each Ape is an actual tokenised stake on our Drip Labs validator, which means that the Apes have a serious inherent value as they are actually backed by a % of Coreum inside the validator. The way this benefits you as Core Apes Club holders is that its a promise we will buyback your apes at a promised value.

Why launch the Core Apes on the XRPL instead of Coreum?
We launched on the XRPL because Coreum main-net wasn't live at the time of our mint. In addition to this we also wanted to show love to the XRP community & bring utility backed NFTs with intrinsic value to the ledger. CAC V2 will be launched on Coreum.

How long has the Core Apes Club been around?
Core Apes club was founded on the March 10th 2023 & sold out and minted just two weeks later on March 24th.

Is the team doxed?
Yes both founders are doxxed. Both @CryptoWithLeo & @Ralfy produce crypto and finance related content online.

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